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About Me

Ekow Quansah is a photojournalist, portrait, and documentary photographer currently based in Ghana. His mission is to empower individuals, particularly within the African community, to recognize their inherent ability to drive positive change. 


Photography is where he finds peace, satisfaction, and a means of expressing himself artistically. It's a medium through which he makes feelings and thoughts known to the world to address issues he has discovered need attention. He seeks to inspire a sense of urgency, celebrate unique achievements, and ignite a collective call to address vital societal concerns, ultimately fostering a more engaged, empowered, and informed African community.


His style of photography is more of a portraiture, street, and documentary blend where He infuses the emotions, surroundings, and memories of his subjects. He tells stories with people's expressions and also documents everyday life around him.


He also aims to serve as a dedicated guardian of African culture and cultural heritage, with a special focus on Ghana's rich tapestry of stories and how it is evolving.

Selected clients:

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